Too many hospital mergers are ‘flying under the radar’ of FTC, says Harvard prof in NEJM Catalyst report

While the Federal Trade Commission has challenged some mergers and acquisitions of health care systems, it has more work to do — such as stepping up investigations of largely ignored “cross-market mergers,” which may constitute antitrust violations, says Harvard Business School Professor Leemore Dafny and colleagues in a study.

These mergers,  involving hospitals more than 30 minutes apart, have been relatively free of FTC scrutiny,  a study about “cross-market mergers,”  says in an article  I wrote for  the New England Journal of Medicine Catalyst

pexels-photo-hospital-239853“There is a whole set of potentially problematic mergers that flies under the radar,” Dafny says.  “Cross-market is a different frontier, and it is time to turn attention to it.”

Since its publication in March, the Dafny study “has made waves within antitrust circles,”the NEJM Catalyst report says.

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