Days after vowing insurance for everyone, Trump hedges in ABC interview: “We want no one. We want the answer to be no one” to be left out.

As his administration ramps up plans to replace Obamacare, President Trump seemed to back off last night in an ABC News  interview with David Muir from his vow less than two weeks ago of “insurance for everybody” in a replacement plan.

Muir referred to Trump’s promise in an interview with  Washington Post of insurance for all Americans less than two weeks ago. Muir pressed Trump on what his plans are for an estimated 18 million people who could potentially lose their insurance if Obamacare is repealed without a replacement.

“Can you assure those Americans watching this right now that they will not lose their health insurance or end up with anything else?” Muir asked the President.

Trump went off on a tangent, assuring Muir that his plan would result in “much better health care, much better service treatment” at less cost. Twice he called Obamacare a “disaster.”

Muir asked again:”So, no one who has this health insurance through Obamacare will lose it or end up.. with anything less?”

“Say no one,” Trump said, “I think no one.”

“Ideally, in the real world, you’re talking about millions of people. Will no one (?). And then, you know, knowing ABC, you’ll have this one person on television saying how they were hurt,” Trump said, according to the transcript. “Okay. We want no one. We want the answer to be no one.”

Trump offered no details or explanation. He did say: “But I will say millions of people will be happy.” – Joe Cantlupe















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