Like the Spinning Earth, ‘March for Science’ Keeps Going with ‘Week of Action’ (photo: Earth Network, Riccardo Savi)

Hey, science doesn’t stop! The March for Science around the U.S. and the globe yesterday on Earth Day was just the momentum starter: Its organizers kicked off “Week of Action,” another big step toward “building a global moment that champions science for the common good by growing the network of local chapters around the world.”
Hmmm. That Week of Action starts right now. From April 23 to 29, 2017.
Officials said in a statement they would also build “partnering organizations, providing tools and sharing resources and encouraging science and civic literacy outreach efforts.”
The March for Science blog encouraged people to reach out to local officials to give them the lowdown why science matters and why people marched.
And about that week of action? The blog’s list of activities for each day of the week shows how  “Science Engages. Science Discovers. Science Empowers. Science Creates. Science Communicates. Science Advocates” and “Science Connects.”
– Joe Cantlupe

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