Golfing in Bedminster, Russia on His Mind

I can picture a good president – no, not this one – playing golf in beautiful Bedminster, N.J.

The president may be tooling around the golf course, something he holds very dear, and feels incredibly thankful for the past 100 plus days on the job.

He may think about what he said on that first day in office, how not enough people were sharing the wealth of this great land and how the establishment “protected itself, not the citizens of our country.”

As he may go from tee to tee and even bogey a few holes in that lush green carpet as he gets angry about poverty, racial inequities, and hopes for better health and well-being of the country.

That’s the picture of a good president.

Not our president. He went on the golf course, and he was indeed angry not about injustice against our citizenry, but about then FBI Director James B. Comey and the continued investigation into Russian connections involving the election.

Our president was terribly upset about perceived injustice against himself.

He’s going to feel worse. Truth wins.

— Joe Cantlupe

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