A Bundle of Caution

While many support bundled payments in healthcare – how hospitals and physicians are reimbursed through so-called “episodes of care” — for their impacts on quality and cost of care, there are still many challenges ahead.I explore the status of bundled payments with my colleagues in a piece for athenahealth insight.

As the story notes: “Under the Obama administration, many healthcare organizations looked at bundled payments as the first step toward major payment reform — and assumed that more and more providers would need to gain competency with them.”


“But under the Trump administration, the future of bundled payments is uncertain. Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price, M.D., has spoken out against the programs. His department has delayed a proposed expansion of some mandatory bundling initiatives, as well as the implementation of new cardiac and orthopedic bundled-payment models.”

“And even some major advocates of alternative payment models have asked HHS for revisions and delays.”

— Joe Cantlupe


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