The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body? Or Maybe A Few Heroes…

So there was room for heroism in the Senate early this morning, after all. And it came down to someone who is used to being a hero, John McCain.

Two days after the 80-year-old Senator from Arizona went to the Capitol after being hospitalized for brain cancer, the former Republican presidential candidate was very presidential, and a Profile in Courage: He voted with his heart, for his state. For his country.

McCain, the one-time prisoner of war, defied being a prisoner of politics.  He joined heroines, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, other Republican Senators,  in voting against a so-called GOP “skinny repeal” — a watered down version of other big Republican plans to overturn Obamacare.  After all the drama, the ups and downs, build-ups, and Trumpian tweets, the seven-year GOP effort to get rid of Obamacare collapsed in the weight of the will of Americans wanting decent healthcare, plain and simple. McCain, Murkowski and Collins carried their torch, along with the Democrats.

Even though the legislation was dubbed a lightweight, it still could have been lethal to Obamacare, eliminating the individual and employer mandates, for instance, and raising the possibility 16 million more Americans without health insurance.

Earlier yesterday, McCain stood with colleagues who seemed to go ahead with voting for the bill even though – – a bit of craziness here – they thought it was not right and hoped a better piece of legislation would come out of a House-Senate conference.

Pretty dicey.  McCain, who this week lambasted nonsensical politics and loudmouth know-nothings, did what he had to do. He fought for what he believed in.

Now Democrats and Republicans should work together to make Obamacare better than ever, for all of us. — Joe Cantlupe



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