Want to Get Healthy? Location, Location, Location

First of Two Parts:

You hear the words all the time when strategizing for business. Yes, that well-worn cliché.

Location, Location, Location.

How about when it comes to personal health in the U.S.?


Location, location, location.

Do you want to live among healthy neighbors? Overland Park, KS, has the lowest share of “physically unhealthy adults.” How about not making overly costly doctor visits (that can make you sick!)….Go to Laredo, TX where patients spend the least per physician’s visit. Want to join a fitness club? Amarillo, TX has the lowest average monthly cost for a fitness-club membership. 

Those are among the findings in a WalletHub report released this week, titled 2019’s Healthiest & Unhealthiest Cities in America. Its  accompanying videos also show that “place matters” in the U.S. when it comes to being healthy – or at least what areas “prioritize residents’ well-being,” WalletHub said.

It reviewed 174 cities and what the personal finance website said were dozens – 47 —  indicators of good health. The data ranges from cost of medical care to fruit and vegetable consumption to the number of fitness clubs per capita, WalletHub said.

The top ranked? San Francisco, followed by Seattle, San Diego, Portland, Ore. and Washington DC.” Rounding out the top 10 are: New York City, Denver, Honolulu, Scottsdale, AZ, an Irvine, CA.

The lowest ranked are Brownville, Tex, Laredo, (yes, despite the low cost per doctor’s visit),  Gulfport, MS, Shreveport, LA, Huntington, West VA, Fort Smith, Ariz, Augusta, GA, Memphis, Tenn, Detroit, Montgomery, Ala, and Toledo, Ohio.

“Location matters when it comes to health,” WalletHub said in a report of its findings. “Some places promote wellness by expanding access to nutritious food and recreational facilities. Others strive to keep healthcare costs affordable for everyone or keep parks clean and well-maintained.” – Joe Cantlupe, HealthDataBuzz

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