Envisioning Zero

We acknowledge with a heavy heart this tragic milestone of nearly 100,000 American deaths since the COVID-19 outbreak began in late February in the U.S. where there are now 1.6 million cases.

Family, friends and other loved ones of those who have perished because of COVID-19 are constantly in our thoughts.

As we tally these numbers, we measure them in sadness but also with a resolve to overcome obstacles and early miscues that may have contributed to thousands of lives lost. We now must forge ahead with the science that guides public health every day to minimize the spread of the disease, work to reduce COVID-19 illnesses and ultimately find a vaccine.

At least 2,000 people are dying each day because of COVID-19 in the U.S., which has the most cases in the world, where more than 300,000 deaths have been recorded and more than 5 million cases.

There is no doubt that sufficient containment measures in testing, isolating or lockdowns, social distancing, wearing masks and contact tracing must continue with determination and strength.

States and cities that have resolved to take on those measures are making progress, while others who have not are struggling in their fight against the spreading infection.  Overall, infection rates are slowing in the U.S., but they remain steady in at least 25 states.

Ultimately, on this Memorial Day weekend, we begin to envision the only number that will truly matter: Zero.  It cannot be a mirage but one for which we are all in this fight together. — Joe Cantlupe, Health Data Buzz

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