Trump: Hazardous To Our Health

In a few days from now, maybe it just won’t seem to matter. He may be considered a lame duck on the public dole.

Or not.

The head-spinning, out of bounds presidency of Donald Trump, the babbling pseudo-tycoon with the laser lies, may come to a near halt.

Or not.

I keep thinking about a few weeks ago as Trump stood outside the White House, taking off his mask, chillingly looking like a dictator as he stared down the cameras, then smiled, and waved. He was just released from the hospital after being treated for three days because of the coronavirus. The disease that is wracking the country and the world meandered through the bloated body of the leader of the free world.

After Trump was cleared to go out on the campaign trail, I had this tiny bit of hope that Trump may have had some thoughts about consequences and ramifications of that disease, and it would slow down or reduce his lying and replace it with humility. Of course not. That did not happen. He is still the manic mauler of facts, the ultimate spinmeister. It’s scary to think of him in the White House for four more years. One of our very worst presidents. Tear up the history books. Put Warren G. Harding aside.

Trump got COVID, is on the mend. Yet he continues to deny science, and the pandemic itself, lashes out at doctors. No hint of any kindness in his body, no remorse for failing to properly lead, for misstating the facts, or saying, “Hey, everyone should have worn masks a long time ago.”

Remember Trump was impeached? It seemed eons ago, no? For enlisting the assistance of Ukraine in his past campaign. It seems like an asterisk.

Yet Trump’s dismissive actions about the coronavirus probably cost tens of thousands of lives, and for that alone, he should be removed from office. Everyone with pre-existing conditions, seriously, can you believe this guy will help you? There will never be a TrumpCare. There is a Trump-Doesn’t-Care. Except for himself.

Donald Trump is like a burning cigarette, hazardous to our health.

Do we take one more drag on this filthy, odorous presidency, or stomp it out? – Joe Cantlupe, Health Data Buzz

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