Biden Takes Office, a President Familiar With Pain and Grief – “Democracy has prevailed”


Joseph R. Biden took the oath of office today as the 46th President of the United States, as a nation looks for hope despite armed guards filling the DC streets, with his predecessor Donald Trump leaving town, trailed by scandal, and outrage.

“Democracy has prevailed!” Biden said. He acknowledged the violence that hit the nation’s Capitol Jan. 6. “We’ll press forward with speed and urgency” with much to do, he added. Few people in this country have been more challenged than we are now, Biden said, noting the pandemic and the cry for racial justice. “I will always level with you,” he said.

“They healed a broken land,” Biden said he envisions future generations speaking of us today. He said he envisioned helping write a story of hope…love and healing…greatness.” It is a story Biden envisions “we answered the call of history, we met the moment.”

With many of us in pain over loss and despair, amid the year old pandemic that has cost 400,000 lives, Biden, once written off as a has-been contender, begins his blistery term amid with a monster set of goals and work ahead.

Vice President Kamala Harris took office, the first Black woman and Asian-American in that high-ranking position.

There was pageantry at the Capitol, amid the bands, the flags, the celebration, and yet two weeks ago, it was a place stained by rioters, egged on by the disgraced former president, who took off for Florida, without acknowledging the name of the person who succeeded him.

Amid it all, Biden reminds us: he has suffered and lost. And he came back to serve for more. Again and again.


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